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Spin Group has compiled a collection of articles, case studies and presentations that focus on four key topics: accessibility, e-learning, Internet & Web development and usability. The list of links will be consistently updated.

If you have found something that interests you or have come across a broken link, let us know at resources@spingroup.com.

New articles, case studies and presentations

  • Saying NO to a gig? Sometimes its a good idea.
    10/23/09 - by Greg Hoy
    Greg Hoy at AListApart.com has some good points on when to say 'no' to a job, even (and especially) if cash is tight. "I have found that a 'typical' website redesign effort,if executed thoughtfully and thoroughly ... can take at least five or six months to complete, and this is without content management system (CMS) integration work". Amen to that.
  • Hootsuite.com - an indispensable tool
    08/10/09 - by Gary Wong
    Wow - there are so many Twitter related web services and software out there that it would take months to review. That's why I was delighted when a colleague sent me to a service I've been wishing for but haven't been able to sit down and review all the prospects. Hootsuite.com is built for the social media marketing professional with features like scheduled tweets, stats, team workflow, and more! Check it out.
  • RDF For The Rest Of Us
    07/30/07 - by Keith Alexander
    We're rapidly getting to the point where most web developers have a decent grasp of what it means to use semantic markup, but how many of us really grasp the implications of the Semantic Web? Keith Alexander walks us through the theory and practice of RDF on the web.
  • Defeated By a Dialog Box
    07/23/07 - by Jakob Nielsen
    Interaction techniques that deviate from common GUI standards can create usability catastrophes that make applications impossible to use.
  • Corporate Web Standards
    07/16/07 - by Scott Gledhill
    Freelancers and hot-shot web agencies are only one side of the web development party. Behind the scenes of every company website, you’re likely to find a frustrated in-house developer or two, wondering why exactly they bought all those shiny books when web standards seems to be a bad word in the weekly marketing meeting. If this sounds very much like your daily grind, new author Scott Gledhill has some advice on how to approach introducing standards in a corporate world.
  • Write Articles, Not Blog Postings
    07/09/07 - by Jakob Nielsen
    To demonstrate world-class expertise, avoid quickly written, shallow postings. Instead, invest your time in thorough, value-added content that attracts paying customers.



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