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Usability : Card sorting



Anyone for a Game of Cards?
Ruth Stalker-Firth
Articles and White Papers
It’s a scenario that many designers, developers, and information architects will be all too familiar with. Your website was created in 1996 and people have been adding bits and pieces to it ever since—but now when it comes time to redesign, where should all those pages really live? Or should they even be there at all? Journalist and User Experience expert, Ruth Stalker-Firth, casts her expert eye over an occasionally neglected solution to your site architecture problems—the humble card sort.

Card Sorting: How Many Users to Test
Jakob Nielsen
Articles and White Papers
Testing ever-more users in card sorting has diminishing returns, but you should still use three times more participants than you would in traditional usability tests.

Information architecture: using card sorting for web classification design
Gerry McGovern
Steps and Presentations
A 13-step approach to card sorting.

Information Design Using Card Sorting
James Robertson
Articles and White Papers
At the beginning of any information design exercise, it is normal to be confronted by a very long list of potential subjects to include. The challenge is to organise this information in a way that is useful and meaningful for the users of the system.

Card sorting
Usability Net
Steps and Presentations
This is a method for discovering the latent structure in an unsorted list of statements or ideas. The investigator writes each statement on a small index card and requests six or more informants to sort these cards into groups or clusters, working on their own. The results of the individual sorts are then combined and if necessary analysed statistically.

Affinity diagramming
Usability Net
Steps and Presentations
Affinity diagramming is used to sort large amounts of data into logical groups. Existing items and/or new items identified by individuals are written on sticky notes which are sorted into categories as a workshop activity.

What is Card Sorting?
Information & Design
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