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Usability : Personas & user profiles/ expectations



Persona Non Grata
Dan Saffer
Articles and White Papers
Done well, this is exactly what personas do. The problem is, most teams build personas from the wrong kind of user information, or worse, base them on assumptions. Itís no surprise that a Web search for personas brings up an amazing variety of persona sets, and most of them are terrible.

Lower-Literacy Users
Jakob Nielsen
Articles and White Papers
Lower-literacy users exhibit very different reading behaviors than higher-literacy users: they plow text rather than scan it, and they miss page elements due to a narrower field of view.

Key steps in creating your reader persona
Gerry McGovern
Articles and White Papers
The first step in developing successful reader personas is to decide what readers you are not going to focus on. Good web management is often more about what you exclude than what you include.

Usability of Websites for Teenagers
Jakob Nielsen
Articles and White Papers
When using websites, teenagers have a lower success rate than adults and they're also easily bored. To work for teens, websites must be simple -- but not childish -- and supply plenty of interactive features.

Uncovering Users In Your Own Organization
Lynn Rampoldi-Hnilo
Articles and White Papers
This article is the first of a two-part series that recommends internal resources that you can assess. In Part One, we examine customer databases. In Part Two of the series, we will consider other internal resources, such as product managers, call support centers, field consultants, and corporate surveys.

Creating Quality Personas
Shannon Ford
Case Studies and reports
Understanding the levers that drive user behavior.

Three Important Benefits of Personas
Jared M. Spool
Articles and White Papers
While grounding helps people adjust to complex situations, it can be detrimental when it happens during the design process. If, while conjuring up an interface, designers ground themselves in the design, they run the serious risk of creating an interface that only they can use.

Extending a Technique: Group Personas
Mike Kuniavsky
Articles and White Papers
Entertainment, education, and collaboration software is often used by two or more people simultaneously. Each of these groups has a different set of needs and expectations, and each can be modeled as a group persona, rather than as individual users.

Making Personas More Powerful: Details to Drive Strategic and Tactical Design
George Olsen
Articles and White Papers
Personas ought to be one of the defining techniques in user-focused design. Lots of professionals create them, yet too often the personas end up being too vague to guide a product's focus.

Observing the User Experience: A Practitionerís Guide to User Research
Andrew Hinton
Articles and White Papers
How do we go about learning who our users are and what they really need? And how do we do this in a way that helps us make a strong case for our design decisions to the people in charge?

Personas: Setting the Stage for Building Usable Information Sites
Alison J. Head
Articles and White Papers
Pointers for developing useful personas.

Researchers delve into the human factor
Ina Fried, Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Articles and White Papers
Researchers are trying to get a grip on one of the big problems with computers: the human on the other end.

The cranky user: Pigeonholed
Peter Seebach
Articles and White Papers

Face to Face With Your Users: Running a Nondirected Interview
Mike Kuniavsky
Articles and White Papers

Giving the Human Touch to Software
Yogita Sahoo
Articles and White Papers

User profile forms
Information & Design
Downloadable File

Novice vs. Expert Users
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers

Personalization is Over-Rated
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers
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