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Usability : Content analysis & data quality



Content Analysis Heuristics
Fred Leise
Steps and Presentations
Many Web professionals consider content inventories critical parts of most projects. Are there certain specific things to look for during a content inventory? Fred Leise definitely thinks so. He proposes a set of content analysis heuristics and discusses how to utilize each one.

Competitive Analysis
Dan Brown
Articles and White Papers
User-experience consultant and information architect Dan Brown gives us the scoop this week on performing a competitive analysis.

The cranky user: Your language usage matters
Peter Seebach
Articles and White Papers
Consider how you phrase a question in a pop-up dialog box -- clear language makes all the difference to the users of your applications.

Caroline's Corner: What's News? (and what's Not)
Caroline Jarrett
Articles and White Papers
Novelty attracts - or so we're told. If you want to get repeat visitors to your website then you need to be offering them 'new stuff' with each visit.

The Right Information
Jared M. Spool
Articles and White Papers
Traditionally, information architecture pays the most attention to the links and the site hierarchy. However, if you're building a site to ensure that users can accomplish their goals, the IA process needs to broaden itself to make sure the content says what needs to be said.

Nine Effective Tips For Improving Your Website's Usability
Roger Brown
Articles and White Papers
Web usability is perhaps the most important factor in any web design. This is the driving factor that keeps your visitors coming back to your website. Given below are a few points that you need to consider to increase your website's usability.

Targeted Email Newsletters Show Continued Strength
Jakob Nielsen
Articles and White Papers
E-newsletters that are informative, convenient, and timely are often preferred over other media. However, a new study found that only 11% of newsletters were read thoroughly, so layout and content scannability are paramount.

Key Research Findings Related to User-Centered Design (20022003)
Kath Straub, Ph.D., CUA
Case Studies and reports
Kath Straub, Ph.D., CUA, Chief Scientist of HFI, gives the year-end list of key research findings in the field of usability.

"About Us" -- Presenting Information About an Organization on Its Website
Jakob Nielsen
Articles and White Papers
Study participants searched websites for background information ranging from company history to management biographies and contact details. Their success rate was 70%, leaving much room for usability improvements in the "About Us" designs.

Information Pollution
Jakob Nielsen
Articles and White Papers
Excessive word count and worthless details are making it harder for people to extract useful information. The more you say, the more people tune out your message.

Analyse context of use
Usability Net
Steps and Presentations
A good way to collect the information is to arrange a half-day meeting. Invite stakeholders who have knowledge about the intended users and usage.

Content analysis
Usability Net
Articles and White Papers

Review Materials
Information & Design
Articles and White Papers

Handling Logged Data
Information & Design
Articles and White Papers

Impact of Data Quality on the Web User Experience
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers
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