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Accessibility : Best practices



Colorblindness - A Usability Guide for Commercial Applications, Part 1
Anthony Mitchell
Articles and White Papers
Ten percent of men but less than one percent of women are estimated to have some form of colourblindness. Identifying opportunities to make products usable by as many people as possible, is not always well understood or practiced.

Big Button Report misses the point?
Articles and White Papers
The report by Serena Thomson - a degree student at the University of British Columbia - attempts to give a fairly reasonable overview of the issues surrounding users with disabilities and corporate web sites.

Derek Featherstone Interview
Carolyn Wood
Quotes, Interviews and Expert Advice
This week, we crack Derek Featherstone’s playbook for his best accessibility tips—from evaluating features with disabled users to creating micro-layouts and marking up links. Jump in and find out what’s up Feather’s sleeve in 2006.

Seven Accessibility Mistakes (Part 2)
Christian Heilmann
Articles and White Papers
Christian Heilmann wraps up his survey of seven common accessibility project mistakes. Find out why you should avoid trying to improve browsers with text-resizing buttons and why the most important client is not your own.

Seven Accessibility Mistakes (Part 1)
Christian Heilmann
Articles and White Papers
Everyone makes mistakes. Avoid fatal flaws by learning about the top seven ways designers and clients contribute to inaccessible Web sites. In the first part of a two-part series, you’ll find out how taking too much responsibility and planning for only the direst of circumstances can undermine your accessibility project.

Interview with Matt May
Quotes, Interviews and Expert Advice
Matt May, a web accessibility specialist discusses his time at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Color Theory for the Color-Blind
Mario Parise
Articles and White Papers
Whether you're color blind or designing for users who might be, the challenges of working on and using the Web are a matter of contrast. Mario Parise takes us through the logic and science of picking a palette that makes your important content readable without destroying that inspiring color scheme.

JavaScript and Accessibility. Pt. 1
Jonathan Fenocchi
Articles and White Papers
Welcome to the year 2005! If you've been wondering if you'll see less JavaScript with the increased awareness of web standards and W3C compliance, think again.

An Accessibility Frontier: Cognitive disabilities and learning difficulties
Roger Hudson, Russ Weakley and Peter Firminger
Articles and White Papers
The aim of this paper is to offer some ideas on how websites might more effectively meet the needs of people with cognitive disabilities and learning difficulties.

Big, Stark & Chunky
Joe Clark
Articles and White Papers
You’ve designed for the screen and made provision for blind, handheld, and PDA browser users. But what about low-vision people? Powered by CSS, “zoom” layouts convert wide, multicolumn web pages into low-vision-friendly, single column designs. Accessibility maven Joe Clark explores the rationale and methods behind zoom layouts. Board the zoom train now!

Web accessibility – Keeping your users in mind
Nettie Hartsock
Articles and White Papers
When it comes to the Internet, if you're willing, you can truly take the extra step of "universal design" in regard to accessibility by being aware of your visitors and their challenges.

Accessibility Issues Make A Difference
Scottie Claiborne
Articles and White Papers
You often read advice from industry experts along the lines of "using tags as they were meant to be used" and limiting your use of advanced programming techniques in order to make your site accessible.

Manchester United: top of the web accessibility league?
Trenton Moss
Articles and White Papers
Manchester United have received a lot of press coverage for the separate accessible version of their website. Everyone should make a completely separate website for disabled people, right?

Ten accessibility blunders of the big players
Trenton Moss
Articles and White Papers
More and more countries have passed laws stating that websites must be accessible to blind and disabled people. With this kind of legal pressure, and the many benefits of accessibility, the big players on the web must surely have accessible websites, right? Let's find out...

Accessible Pop-up Links
Caio Chassot
Steps and Presentations
Sometimes we have to use pop-ups — so we might as well do them right. This article will show you how to make them more accessible and reliable while simplifying their implementation.

Unlocking Hidden Navigation Access Keys
Stuart Robertson
Steps and Presentations
WHO CAN USE YOUR WEBSITE? People with limited mobility may have a hard time controlling a mouse to click on links, and tabbing through menus can be slow going.

Opening the web to all
BBC News
Articles and White Papers
As the public sector rushes to put its services online, making sure they are accessible to all is becoming a key priority.

Alternative Interfaces for Accessibility
Jakob Nielsen
Articles and White Papers

Accountability of Accessibility and Usability
Anitra Pavka
Articles and White Papers

Designing and Understanding Accessible WWW Pages
The Alliance for Technology Access
Articles and White Papers

Making Flash Usable for Users With Disabilities
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers

How to Create Accessible Acrobat PDF files
Paul Bohman
Articles and White Papers

Localization and accessibility
Joe Clark
Case Studies and reports

Beyond Accessibility: Treating Users with Disabilities as People
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers

Disabled Accessibility: The Pragmatic Approach
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers
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