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Accessibility : General topics/ FYI



Accessible Table Builder
Steps and Presentations
Accessible table builder wizard.

Evaluating website accessibility
Roger Johansson
Articles and White Papers
A three-part series of articles targeting non-experts. Part one covers some background and suggests some tools, part two presents a list of checkpoints and how to use the tools, and part three explains what cannot be achieved through software automation.

25% of all web users are disabled
Articles and White Papers
25% of all web users have some kind of accessibility problem. That is a claim from the Danish Center for Accesibility.

Accessibility could take a step backward
Frances W. West
Articles and White Papers
IBM's Frances W. West says a European plan threatens to fracture IT standards for people with disabilities.

Skills for Access
Skills for Access
Steps and Presentations
This web site provides you with a comprehensive resource on issues relating to multimedia, e-learning and accessibility. Whether you're new to e-learning, want to know more about specific accessibility issues, or are an expert multimedia developer, we believe you'll find information relevant to your needs.

Innovative Design Inspired by Accessibility
Wendy Chisolm
Articles and White Papers
Wendy Chisholm, an accessibility specialist with the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative, inspires us to turn the challenge of accessible design into an opportunity for true innovation.

Accessibility From The Ground Up
Matt May
Articles and White Papers
The best tool you can have for Web accessibility is education. Matt May presents a quick introduction to Web accessibility for the modern designer.

Interview to Aaron M. Leventhal
Marco Trevisan
Quotes, Interviews and Expert Advice
Aaron M. Leventhal is the leader of Mozilla Accessibility Project. In this interview we covered the situation of accessibility, the troubles and the future of Mozilla's projects.

Web Accessibility: The Basics
Trenton Moss
Articles and White Papers
Web accessibility is about making your website accessible to all Internet users (both disabled and non-disabled), regardless of what browsing technology they're using.

Building a web fit for all
Bill Thompson, BBC News
Articles and White Papers
A lawyer's letter has taken an accessible website offline and technology analyst Bill Thompson is not impressed.

Search Engine Optimisation - A Positive Influence on Web Accessibility
Carmen Mardiros
Articles and White Papers
A paper discussing how the W3C accessibility guidelines are used to improve performance in search engines. It points out how to use each checkpoint and is an attempt to persuade optimisers to make the W3C guidelines standard practice in SEO.

Websites 'failing' disabled users
Geoff Adams-Spink
Articles and White Papers
An investigation by the Disability Rights Commission shows that most websites are unusable by disabled people.

Power To The People: Relative Font Sizes
Bojan Mihelac
Steps and Presentations
Relative font sizes make websites more accessible and easier to read — but they’re not much help unless the person using the site can find a way to actually change text size.

Accessibility and usability
Peter-Paul Koch
Articles and White Papers
At the moment we Web developers are learning the basics of accessibility, as once we mastered the basics of usability.

Spam-bot tests flunk the blind
Paul Festa
Articles and White Papers
An increasingly popular technique for preventing e-mail abuse is frustrating some visually impaired Net users, setting the stage for a conflict between spam busters and advocates for the disabled.

How To Make Non-text Elements Accessible - Some Notes
Jim Byrne
Articles and White Papers
Making non-text elements, particularly images, accessible is fundamental to accessible web design; even if you attended to this issue alone, you would make a big impact on the accessibility of your site.

Dive Into Accessibility
Mark Pilgrim
Articles and White Papers

Accessible Sites Help Search Engine Rankings
Mary Kay Jerige
Articles and White Papers

Caution: Tampering with Reality (for a good cause)
Jutta Treviranus
Articles and White Papers

Designing Web pages for accessibility
William Matthews
Articles and White Papers

Having Students Learn Basic Grammar Through Technology
Hilary Pruett
Articles and White Papers

Web Page Accessibility on University of Wisconsin Campuses: 2002 Survey Data (March/April)
Axel Schmetzke
Case Studies and reports

Access all areas of the web
Bill Thompson
Articles and White Papers

Usability for Senior Citizens
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers

Accessible By Design
Anitra Pavka
Articles and White Papers

Make It Usable
Jakob Nielsen, Kara Pernice Coyne, and Marie Tahir
Steps and Presentations

What's New with Accessibility
Ed Ort
Articles and White Papers

Pushing the 'Net for access
Jenny Strasburg
Articles and White Papers

Zooming In On Accessibility
Michael D. Meloan
Articles and White Papers

Accessible Design for Users With Disabilities
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers
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