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Recyclable Information Architecture
Nick Finck
Articles and White Papers
Addressed are the issues of documenting IA and being able to repurpose those documents right into the finalized product.

Is Your Homepage Immature?
Indi Young
Articles and White Papers
So how can you tell if your company isn’t using its homepage to best advantage? One symptom is a failure to trust your own navigation and architecture systems to direct customers to valuable information.

Collection of interface design patterns
Jennifer Tidwell
Articles and White Papers
Jenifer Tidwell has created a collection of design patterns for websites, desktop application, "and everything in between." "If you're running short on ideas, or hung up on a difficult design quandary, read over these and see if any of them are applicable."

Getting IA Done, Part I
Joshua Kaufman
Articles and White Papers
If you work on the Web, organizing your time and work is critical. Many professionals—from information architects to graphic designers—find themselves acting as the "glue" of a project, liaising between client and manager. So how do you stay on top of deadlines, drawings, and disputes? Columnist Joshua Kaufman shares his productivity insights as an IA in Part I of "Getting IA Done."

Information Architecture as an Extension of Web Design
Joshua Kaufman
Articles and White Papers
Information architecture can be viewed as an extension of Web design. New Digital Web columnist Joshua Kaufman explains why this is a useful perspective and how Web designers can make the extension to information architecture.

Navigation blindness
Henrik Olsen
Articles and White Papers
How to deal with the fact that people tend to ignore navigation tools. Most web development projects put a lot of effort into the design of navigation tools. But fact is that people tend to ignore these tools. They are fixated on getting what they came for and simply click on links or hit the back button to get there.

A-Z Indexes to Enhance Site Searching
Heather Hedden
Articles and White Papers
An important part of an information architect’s job is to make it easier for users of a Web site or intranet to find the information they want. Usually the focus is on site navigation—the site’s structural design, hierarchy, page titles and labels, menu design, site map, and so on.

Home Alone? How Content Aggregators Change Navigation and Control of Content
Joshua Porter
Articles and White Papers
Accurate search engines and other up-to-the-minute content aggregators are drastically changing the game of Web design. The information architecture that is becoming most important isn't the one that's on your Web site, but the one on everyone else's.

Are Useful Requirements Just A Fairy Tale? (and why an IA should care)
Dan Willis
Articles and White Papers
I’ve heard of a fantastic land far, far away where magical people called "project managers" collect something called "requirements." These requirements so clearly, concisely, and completely describe work to be done that all the villagers involved share a common understanding of a project’s goals. Before a single pixel is plotted in this amazing world, villagers are able to agree to what a project will (and will not) accomplish.

Common Myths
Alan Cooper & Robert Reimann
Articles and White Papers
Some of the most common myths about Web design follow. These myths have found their way into business and technical organizations, and are—to some degree or other—taken at face value by management, marketing, engineering, and sometimes even Web designers themselves.

Programmers, designers and the Brooklyn Bridge
Scott Berkun
Articles and White Papers
The design and engineering of modern technology, software and the web has bred a hubris that anything older than a few years can’t possibly be relevant, and I think it’s a mistake. To argue this point, there is no better place to start as a basis of comparison and learning than the story of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Louis Rosenfeld: The InfoDesign interview
Dirk Knemeyer
Quotes, Interviews and Expert Advice
Each month, InfoDesign interviews a thought leader in the design industry, focusing on people who are identified with or show strong sensibilities to the design of information and experiences.

Information Architecture
Facet Publishing
Articles and White Papers
Designing information environments for purpose.

Content? Or Dis-content?
Quotes, Interviews and Expert Advice
A Content Requirements Plan (CRP) helps Web designers take a leadership role
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