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Lifestyles of the Link-Rich Home Pages
Jared M. Spool
Articles and White Papers
Jared Spool from UIE argues that exposing people to the content of a site enhances simplicity. With a good design, the upper limit of links is much higher than one might think. Sites with up to 700 links on the home page have proven to work very well for its audience.

Succeeding at IA in the enterprise
James Robertson
Articles and White Papers
The enterprise environment offers unique challenges for information architects. In this context, we need to develop skills to help us understand and model how organizations deal with information.

The cranky user: Master of pages
Peter Seebach
Articles and White Papers
Lighten up your control of page layout so key page layout concepts can make life easier for you and your users.

Galleries: The Hardest Working Page on Your Site
Jared M. Spool
Articles and White Papers
According to Jared Spool, gallery pages - pages listing links to content pages - are the hardest working pages a web site. They separate those users who find the content they are looking for from the users who don't.

Forms vs. Applications
Jakob Nielsen
Articles and White Papers
Once an online form goes beyond two screenfulls, it's often a sign that the underlying functionality is better supported by an application, which offers a more interactive user experience.

Visual Communication Principles for Web Application Interface Design
Luke Wroblewski
Downloadable File
In order for a Web application to be "usable", it must be understandable. It needs to communicate, and communicate effectively. When a user interacts with a Web application they have only the visual presentation (the interface) to "tell" them what the application has to offer, and how they can make use of it.

Thinking Differently About Site Mapping and Navigation
D. Keith Robinson
Articles and White Papers
Thoughts about sitemaps, navigation, IA deliverables and the root problems with organization and content on the Web.

Reviving Advanced Hypertext
Jakob Nielsen
Articles and White Papers
To manage a huge, worldwide information space, users need proven features like fat links, typed links, integrated search and browsing, overview maps, big-screen designs, and physical hypertext.

Situate Follow-Ups in Context
Jakob Nielsen
Articles and White Papers
Make new or follow-up information easily accessible from the location of the original information or transaction.

Deceivingly Strong Information Scent Costs Sales
Jakob Nielsen
Articles and White Papers
Users will often overlook the actual location of information or products if another website area seems like the perfect place to look. Cross-references and clear labels alleviate this problem.

Ambient Findability
Peter Morville
Articles and White Papers
In a world of tangible bits and total information awareness, what happens to learning, decision making, and trust? Peter Morville tackles these and other disturbing questions about the future.

Helping Your Visitors: a State of Mind
Nick Usborne
Articles and White Papers
At its simplest, helping your visitors means avoiding corporate-speak and industry jargon. It means taking the trouble to find out which words and terms your visitors use when thinking about your products and services.

More Than Just a Footer
Jeff Lash
Articles and White Papers
While arguments about getting more links, content, and important elements “above the fold” are common, more sites are taking advantage of the entire Web page, adding useful elements to the bottom of the page.

Ten Steps for Cleaning Up Information Pollution
Jakob Nielsen
Articles and White Papers
Better prioritization, fewer interruptions, and concentrated information that's easy to find and manage helps people become more productive and stop wasting their colleagues' time.

The Ten Most Violated Homepage Design Guidelines
Jakob Nielsen
Articles and White Papers
There are ten usability mistakes that about two-thirds of corporate websites make.

Eat Me, Drink Me, Push Me: In which the subtle arts of the interface are examined.
Christina Wodtke
Quotes, Interviews and Expert Advice
An excerpt from the first section of chapter eight of Information architecture: blueprints for the web.

Web Content Usability
Thomas Myer
Articles and White Papers

Site Map Usability
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers

Helping Users Find Physical Locations
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers

Is Navigation Useful?
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers

User-Supportive Internet Architecture
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers

Using Link Titles to Help Users Predict Where They Are Going
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers
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