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RDF For The Rest Of Us
Keith Alexander
Articles and White Papers
We're rapidly getting to the point where most web developers have a decent grasp of what it means to use semantic markup, but how many of us really grasp the implications of the Semantic Web? Keith Alexander walks us through the theory and practice of RDF on the web.

Coding for Content
Garrett Dimon
Articles and White Papers
Most of us have read countless articles and books about (X)HTML and CSS, but, especially early on in our careers, we wonder what goes on in the mind of someone adept at markup and code. What exactly is the thought process? Is it the same every time, or does one start by focusing on a specific challenge in a design? Veteran front-end developer and designer—and regular Digital Web columnist—Garrett Dimon shares his thoughts as he takes on the markup challenges behind his latest personal blog redesign.

Seven JavaScript Techniques You Should Be Using Today
Dustin Diaz
Articles and White Papers
Is your box of JavaScript tricks starting to look a little worn? Got the feeling your functions are slacking off when you’re not watching? Never fear—JavaScript expert, Dustin Diaz, has the lowdown on seven smart tips that should be in every coder’s toolbox.

Capture a Screencast with a Mac
Miraz Jordan
Articles and White Papers
With speedier connections becoming more prevalent, and software creating smaller files sizes, we now have more options for presenting instructional material on websites. Screencasts, which capture movies of all the action on your computer screen, are popping up all over the place in all sorts of tutorials. Ken Westin previously reviewed Adobe Captivate for PC here at Digital Web, but if you’re a Mac person and you have a limited budget, Miraz Jordan’s article is just what you need.

How to design selection-dependent forms
Luke Wroblewski
Steps and Presentations
In web applications, we sometimes need selection-dependent forms, where users need to provide additional information after having made a selection. There is a myriad of ways to solve this design challenge. Luke Wroblewski provides an overview and discusses their pros and cons.

Learn Ruby on Rails: the Ultimate Beginner's Tutorial
Patrick Lenz
Steps and Presentations
Make your mark in the brave new world of Ruby on Rails! In this action-packed adventure, Patrick provides rock-solid foundations in object oriented programming principles, and a detailed explanation of Ruby syntax.

Microsoft: Vista RTM a 'Significant Milestone'
Peter Galli
Articles and White Papers
Now that the operating system code has finally gone gold, it is up to software developers and PC and device manufacturers to finalize the work on their products and applications, company executives say.

The cranky user: The artful patcher
Peter Seebach
Articles and White Papers
Patches are a necessity to maintain software. See how to make them friendlier to your users and less of a chore.

The Rise of Flash Video, Part 1
Tom Green
Articles and White Papers
In Part One of a two-part series on Flash Video, the immensely qualified Tom Green gives us a spirited and insightful account of the rise of Flash from a face in the crowd to the dominant video format of choice for giants like YouTube and MySpace. If you are thinking of adding Flash video to your web design skill set, this series is the place to start.

Scope in JavaScript
Mike West
Articles and White Papers
JavaScript is rife with unexplored nooks and crannies that can trip up even the most seasoned programmers. Digital Web Managing Editor Mike West investigates one of the deepest: the basic question of scope and context. As he builds up from first principles of variable scope to a detailed discussion of advanced context-manipulation techniques, you’ll gain the knowledge necessary to keep careful track of this essential aspect of your scripts.

Top 10 Web Developer Libraries
Cameron Olthuis
Articles and White Papers
Libraries can be a web developers best friend. They are great resources to learn from and can save hours and hours of time. These libraries include JavaScript, Ajax, Colors, PHP, and CSS.

Round-up of 30 Ajax Tutorials
Load Average Zero
Articles and White Papers
There are quite a large number of Ajax examples and demos around the Web, but some people need a bit more information than just a raw piece of code. Max has put together a list of what he considers the best Ajax tutorials discovered over the past year.

Just Build It: HTML Prototyping and Agile Development
Garrett Dimon
Articles and White Papers
Everyone's talking about agile Web development, but misconceptions abound. Do you need to shun traditional planning and design documents just to stay competitive? And what do your clients really want? Garrett Dimon clears things up with a look at how HTML prototyping help you save time and avoid "document debt."

Web Presentation Patterns
Jonathan Snook
Articles and White Papers
What can a design pattern from the early 70s do for you? Learn how abstracting your Web application development problems with time-tested software development patterns can help you write logical, reusable application code.

The cranky user: What you can do about phishing
Peter Seebach
Articles and White Papers
Change your Web apps and reduce the risk of phishing attacks that lure your users into turning over confidential information that aids identify theft.

Rethinking Application Design
Dirk Knemeyer
Articles and White Papers
Good application design starts with a carefully staffed team. Dirk Knemeyer says it can be done in or outside the big corporation, but rarely is—even some smaller firms structure their teams poorly and deliver mediocre applications and epic invoices. Get six tips on setting the stage for excellent application design from an interaction design insider.

Ruby on Rails chases simplicity in programming
Martin LaMonica
Articles and White Papers
A solo project called Ruby on Rails has become popular among developers because of its simplicity.

The art of metaprogramming, Part 1: Introduction to metaprogramming
Jonathan Bartlett
Articles and White Papers
One of the most under-used programming techniques is writing programs that generate programs or program parts. Learn why metaprogramming is necessary and look at some of the components of metaprogramming (textual macro languages, specialized code generators). See how to build a code generator and get a closer look at language-sensitive macro programming in Scheme.

Introduction to Open Source Scripting on Mac OS X
Apple Developer Connection
Steps and Presentations
If you're new to the world of open source scripting languages—or just want to brush up on what's unique about Mac OS X—this article will help you get oriented. Mac OS X bundles the most popular scripting languages out of the box: perl, Python, php, tcl, Ruby—not to mention shells such as bash, ksh, zsh, and csh. We'll show you how to integrate scripting languages into Apple's Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Xcode, using targets and custom build rules. We'll also discuss ways to safely install newer versions or alternate languages.

The Elements of Design
Joshua David McClurg-Genevese
Articles and White Papers
Without a grounding in traditional design principles and elements, designing for the Web can be an arbitrary exercise. Dig into Joshua David McClurg-Genevese’s second Design in Theory and Practice column and get a grip on the real tools you can use in the practice of Web design.

Visio Glue: Not For Sniffing - Special Deliverable #13
Dan Brown
Steps and Presentations
Spend any time with Visio and you’ll find yourself wondering how glue works. In the real world, it’s pretty straightforward: put glue between two things and they’ll stick. Although glue is used for sticking shapes together in Visio, the metaphor ends there.

Flash Matures into Full-Fledged Platform
Libe Goad
Articles and White Papers
Macromedia introduces a new Flash Platform, making it easy to create rich-media Web sites, and previews "Maelstrom," the next-generation Flash player.

Generating Dynamic CSS with PHP
Douglas Clifton
Articles and White Papers
PHP isn't limited to generating HTML—it does a great job deploying CSS, too. Tighten up your presentation logic and learn how to store and reuse values in style sheets with this scheme switcher from Doug Clifton.

Being a PHP Lumberjack
Daryl L. L. Houston
Steps and Presentations
Debugging can be a real downer without the proper tools. Daryl L. L. Houston dons his lumberjack garb and investigates ways to use logging as an effective debugging tool.

Devising a new paradigm for usable, maintainable Web applications
Ka Wai Cheung
Articles and White Papers
Experts tend to focus on why usability is important and how to improve usability on the Web. However, they rarely address what makes usability on the Web difficult to implement and maintain.

PHPitfalls: Five Beginner Mistakes to Avoid
Daryl L. L. Houston
Steps and Presentations
Mistakes. Everybody makes them. Daryl L. L. Houston points out several common beginner blunders and how to get past them.

A Better Image Rotator
Dan Benjamin
Steps and Presentations
The first image rotator made it easy to generate a random image on a web page, even if you had never worked with PHP before. The new, more powerful (but still dead easy) version uses a simple configuration file to create custom links, alt tags, titles, and even CSS styles for each image.

New to XML
Steps and Presentations
The developerWorks XML zone contains literally hundreds of articles, tutorials, and tips to help a developer make the most of XML-related applications, but for users trying to find their way in a new topic, all of that information can be overwhelming. This page provides an overview for readers who would like to learn about XML but don't know where to start.

XML Basics Part III: An Example of Well-Formed and Valid XML
P.G. Daly
Steps and Presentations
If you've been following along with Part I and Part II of XML Basics, you're ready for Part III, where you put the pieces together and experiment with hands-on with XML.

Database Performance Philosophy
Tore Bostrup
Articles and White Papers
Here are some valuable tips on designing databases and applications for efficient querying.

Secure Coding Principles 101
Intranet Journal Staff
Articles and White Papers
Writing secure code is the first step in producing applications that are secure and robust. For custom applications that are already written, and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products, tools exist to audit for existing security deficiencies.

XML Basics, Part II: The Key Concepts
P.G. Daly
Steps and Presentations
In Part I of this series I answered the question, "What is XML?" Here in Part II of XML Basics, I will define, discuss, and illustrate some of the key concepts crucial to understanding and working with XML documents.

Apple's Panther bares its teeth
Ian Hardy
Articles and White Papers
Apple, fed up with playing second string to Windows, has been taking its operating system from strength to strength.

XML Basics and Benefits
P.G. Daly
Steps and Presentations
From XML's inception circa 1996 through the initial hype blitz up to the present day, the term XML has been ubiquitous. What does it all mean, and what do you really need to know?

Gates: Blazing the Longhorn Trail
Quotes, Interviews and Expert Advice
Bill Gates discusses "Longhorn," Linux and why he's so optimistic about the future.

Flowing and Positioning: Two Page Models
John P. Gallant and Holly Bergevin
Steps and Presentations
Some basics on the ways web pages are visually constructed on the screen by current browsers.

Preview: Microsoft's Windows Longhorn
Loyd Case
Articles and White Papers
This is a preview based on a very early release of Microsoft's next-generation operating system.

Software makers look for profits in e-forms
David Becker
Articles and White Papers
Software makers, along with the Web's leading standards organization, are launching new e-forms initiatives aimed at smoothing the collection and flow of business data.

Inside Microsoft's New F# Language
Robyn Peterson
Articles and White Papers

W3C Advances Web Document Specification
Clint Boulton
Articles and White Papers

Introduction to Xindice
Arun Gaikwad
Articles and White Papers

Errors: examining the world of frustrations
Steve Adcock
Articles and White Papers

W3C Unleashes VoiceXML 2.0
Thor Olavsrud
Articles and White Papers

The Makeup of an XML Document – A Quick Primer
Zaid Siddiqui
Steps and Presentations

Flash and Web-Based Applications
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers

Flash: 99% Bad
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers

Reset and Cancel Buttons
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers

Video and Streaming Media
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers

The Future of Hypertext
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Website
Articles and White Papers
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