Wordpress Concierge

Maintenance and Development eating up all your time?

We take a load off your shoulders so you can focus your billable time on what you do best.

Design websites for you clients but don't enjoy the ongoing maintenance hassle? Or build sites but don't currently offer any form of ongoing maintenance for your clients?

Offering ongoing maintenance often isn't where agencies make their money, but choosing not to maintain client's sites can be costly and hurt your reputation and relationship with your client.

We can take the maintenance tasks and general WordPress support off your hands so you can focus on what you do best for that client.

We're not a marketing agency - we know the business, and work with marketing/advertising companies but we focus on the technical side. We do websites/web apps. We build them, add to them, and we maintain them.


What can we do for your clients?

As part of our WordPress Concierge service we:

report screenshot.png

Monthly Client Reports

Providing detailed useful information that shows what we are doing for your clients and can give insight into things that need to be done.

  • Keep your client's WordPress Core up-to-date.
  • Keep sites plugins up-to-date.
  • Take frequent backups of your client's sites.
  • Run frequent security scans on your client's sites to find security issues before hackers do.
  • We restore hacked sites quickly.
  • Send client website reports providing detailed information to you or your client about the services provided, such as what plugins/themes were updated when, when the latest backups were taken, basic website analytics, uptime tracking(if desired), when the latest security scan was and what the results were, website performance scan results which show how quickly the website loads using multiple performance rating tools.
  • We provide any-use hours based on your client's budget which can be used for things like:
    Plugin installation
    Theme installation
    Site migration
    Website Tech Support and training
    Implementing your marketing efforts
    Custom plugin or theme development

We can work with you or your client directly.

We are happy to interact directly with clients if you wish or you can act as the middle man passing information back and forth. 

Work directly with your clients. We can be involved as much as you want throughout the development process of a site, then when the site is launched, we can take over the ongoing support and maintenance for the client. White label or not, we see you as a partner, not competition. We want to work with you to fulfill your clients requests. We're not here to steal clients. We would rather grow a relationship with your company and your staff and grow your work, so you can help grow ours.

Our existing Agency clients love this, they get the benefit of knowing their clients are being cared for, and they're getting the benefit of clients requesting more work done.

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If you have any questions about our services feel free to enter them below, we'd be happy to answer them, otherwise we'll send you some basic information and we can talk about how we can get started working for you and your clients.

Our clients see our service as something to advertise, they often like to include us in their meetings with their clients both in-person and through conference calls - We'll field the tough technical questions making your team look like you're not only good at design but up to snuff on the latest technology.

Website Hosting?

We can work with your existing hosting environment and recommend better solutions if necessary. You don't have to transfer client sites over to our servers or anything like that. In our 21 years as a company and even longer time as developers, we've gone through tons of different web hosts and platforms, even managed our own. We know what works, what doesn't, what's worth the money, what's not. We'll make sure your clients are in good hands.

WP Concierge Badge

If you work with us for this service we can give you a badge you can use on your site to show your clients you don't just about their 1 project, you care about their long term success.