eLearning System and Mobile App Launched for Living As A Leader

eLearning System and Mobile App Launched for Living As A Leader

Recently we had the pleasure of helping Living As A Leader with the launch of their new eLearning initiative.  Living As A Leader specializes in leadership training and coaching for frontline, middle management, and senior leadership teams.  The eLearning platform will not only augment their successful classroom and one-on-one training curriculum but will also enhance learner engagement and expand their product offering.  

Learn How to Fascinate

Author of multiple best-selling books, Sally Hogshead created the Fascination System, the first science-based personality brand system for professionals. Over a hundred thousand people have taken the Fascination Advantage Assessment, a core component of the system. The Spin Group architected and maintains the very busy online portal for the assessment, which supports hundreds of new users daily.

OPTIBELT USA website launched

OPTIBELT Corporation offers banded v-belts, timing belts, cogged v-belts, ribbed belts and other similar products for numerous industries and applications. Part of the Arntz OPTIBELT Group of Hoesxter, Germany, OPTIBELT Corporation services the North American, Mexico and Brazil markets. Spin Group worked with OPTIBELT's marketing team to create a responsive website using TYPO3 CMS platform.