Developer Day at Inbound 2019


I am super excited today to be in Boston for the first of of Inbound! Even though the event doesn’t officially start until 3pm, the HubSpot developer community had pulled together to host a meetup today at the HubSpot campus at 9am. Are you coming?

At the meetup, Ben and I will be giving a talk on coding with the HubSpot API. We’ve been using the API to solve some interesting integration challenges, as well as create functionality that we couldn’t otherwise do with the standard HubSpot toolset.

To demonstrate, we’ll be creating a volunteer signup form which has time slots that the user can select from. These time slots are stored in a HubDB table, which gets updated when the user submits a form. The cool part is that we’ll be doing this with ONLY Hubl and Javascript by leveraging Google Firebase as the server-side platform. It requires very little work and zero devops!

Are you coming to Inbound, too? Let’s get together if you want to talk shop! (Or just to grab a beer or two or three…)