How to use tech to wow and collect valuable data at a tradeshow

Over the past couple weeks we've been working with a client to wow visitors to their booth at a large tradeshow, as well as collect valuable data.

The project involved sales people walking around with iPads which were running a full screen web app, loaded with product information, slideshows, and call to action forms, which collected user's contact information and what products interested them.

In addition to the iPads we developed a similar web app that ran on some large touch screen kiosks at the show. These large touch screen kiosks displayed interactive slideshows, information and they too had forms on them with which our client collected more contact information and information on what products visitors were interested in.

spingroup blog post - tablet kiosk_dark kiosk and iPad.png

That wasn't the only thing that we did. Our client had a major product launch occurring during that tradeshow, we developed the web apps so that at the press of a couple buttons we could launch the new product to be displayed all over the large touch screen kiosks and in the iPad apps. That client uses HubSpot, and our apps integrate directly with it so they are able to view all of their customer data in the same great CRM and sales tools they're used to!

This project was a lot of fun for us, and we'd love to do it again.

If you have interest in building an app whether it be for mobile, tablet, a kiosk or the web, give us a call. We'll help find the best solution for your needs.