How to maintain a WordPress site

We work with a lot of WordPress sites and maintain them for our clients.

The main things you need to do to maintain your wordpress site are:

  1. Keep your plugins up to date
  2. Keep your WordPress core up to date
  3. Keep your theme up to date (if applicable)
  4. Make sure your site is actively being backed up
  5. Check regularly for security issues.
  6. Optimize the performance of the site.

That's a lot stuff, and all of it is important, forgetting to do any of these things can have pretty dramatic undesirable results, for example: your site getting hacked, your site taking forever to load, or someone making a change to the site that breaks something and you need to be able to undo it.

There are a lot of plugins you can to do things like optimize your site's performance and help keep your site secure, some even can take backups. The challenge though is finding the right tools that are legitimate, work great, and are not going to bog down your site.

If you're looking for help with this, as well as help understanding how to update and manage your WordPress site, let us know because we can help!

We can even take all of the responsibility of maintaining all of these things off of your shoulders and let you do you. You should be able to keep focusing on the content of your site, and the value you bring to your visitors, not doing all the technical stuff.