Bookmarklet to Improve HubSpot Design Manager Experience

Hey, HubSpot developers! If you're in and out of the HubSpot design manager every day, you have probably felt my pain.  

The tab interface is nice, but the labels use large fonts so if you use any kind of longer names for your files and templates, they get truncated. In addition, "extra tabs" are accessible through a clunky, 2-click, drop-down box. Finally, the list items of files in the Browse tab are also fat and do not wrap.



Well, it finally irked me enough to do something about it. I created a bookmarklet to fix the aforementioned issues: 



If you want to use it, just click and drag the following button to your bookmark bar, then rename it to your liking. Click on it while you're in the HubSpot design manager and voila! Instant gratification. Well, at least for me it is.

I hope you find it useful. If you have any requests to make it better, let me know!  The bookmarklet simply loads CSS from this gist, so I can update it anytime and you will get the updated version the next time you click on it (minus the cache interval). Enjoy!