CSS Tricks: One of Our Go-to Resources

Spin faces a lot of CSS challenges. In fact, hardly a day goes by where one of our clients needs a tweak, a box moved, a picture stretched, or a responsive web-page modified. As web-makers, we need to continuously keep our CSS skills sharp and ready.

Where do we go to get informed? The website CSS-Tricks.com is a resource par-excellence for any serious web developer. Far from a dry manual or software documentation, CSS-Tricks offers interactive guides, tutorials, and even an “almanac” of CSS selectors.

Why an almanac? Maybe the founder of the website, Chris Coyier is showing some of his Wisconsin roots! Like Spin Group, Chris founded some of his various tech enterprises in Wisconsin, and some in Milwaukee. Chris went full-time with another awesome site you may have heard of, Codepen.io in Milwaukee. Didn’t think Milwaukee was a tech-hub? Think again!

Click below to access CSS-tricks!


No foolin',

This website is awesome.