Hey Agencies! Spin Group is Inbound Certified

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Spin Group is primarily a tech-consulting and web development company. However, we are always seeking new information that improves our service–even if it is outside our main field of expertise. For example, our employees at Spin Group are Inbound Certified through HubSpot. This course has given us a deeper understanding of the new model of sales that most of our clients are using. We understand our clients marketing strategies that they implement for their clients. We also use inbound to give us ideas on how to better serve our own clients. Let's take a look at what inbound is, how it works, and how Spin Group can help with inbound-aware development.

The inbound strategy is a holistic and human-centered way of conducting business. It is the response to the shift in power from seller to buyer. Buyers now are more empowered to make business decisions than ever before. They have access to more information, and no longer have to rely on salespeople for advice. They expect companies to help them make their purchasing choice by providing information, not make it for them or steer them in any direction. Inbound meets these needs by focusing on the customer's needs first. Sales is no longer about interrupting a customer's day to promote a product–or other outbound tactics. It is about aiding and delighting the customer throughout their buyer's journey.

How does it work? The inbound method consists of four steps: attract, convert, close, delight. In the attract phase, buyers are seeking a product or service that they need. It is important that they find a business helpful at this stage. The buyer is seeking information, and if you provide it to them, you may convert them. In the convert stage, a website visitor provides their information to you, and they become a lead. Note: at all stages of inbound, it is important to be personable and not pushy. They trust you with their information. They expect you to provide them with additional information via email. If they decide to purchase your product, they are at the close stage of the buyer's journey. However, the inbound sales process does not end there. It is important that the customer is happy with their purchase. This is the delight stage. This will ensure that your business earns a reputation for making each customer a success. Customers may then promote your product. If so, a positive feedback loop generates new leads for your business.

Inbound leads cost 61% less than traditional marketing campaigns.
— HubSpot.com

In conclusion, the inbound marketing strategy is a fundamental shift in how products are sold. It is human, holistic, and customer-centric. It takes the annoyance out of the buyer's experience, and aims to help them find the good or service they are looking for. It also helps businesses grow because a positive feedback loop of happy customers can lead to referrals.




How does Spin Group help with inbound? We develop inbound-aware landing pages, custom forms, and custom features into your website. We understand the type of marketing you want to do. Reach out to us today!