InBound 2019 - HubSpot Announces Free Tier Feature Expansion


At InBound 2019, HubSpot’s SVP of product, Christopher O’Donnell discussed the top ideas from customers and how HubSpot has implemented them. When reviewing customers’ feedback, HubSpot decided to add items that could grow and develop with the company and it’s customers over time. It was reported in early 2019 that Hubspot had over 60,000 customers using the platform, and surpassed 100,000 customers due to spikes in free CRM and free CMS tools.

The services added to HubSpot’s free CRM trial include email creation, analytics, and tools for email and advertising. These tools give users access to see the full view of the customer journey and offer a more cohesive experience. Free CRM features also give subscribers the ability to send up to 2,000 emails per month and create contact lists within an email editor.

If you’re looking for automation tools related to email that give your business a complete view of the customer journey, try HubSpot’s CRM. These tools focus on the customer and the insights allow your business to improve customer experience. Hubspot stands out from the competition for a few reasons. First, the platform gives users the ability to manage essential features in one system, which saves time. Second, offering email as a part of CRM services allow businesses to see how customers are impacted beyond an email or interaction.

HubSpot also announced the expansion of their free tier of ad tools. Users can now manage and track ads across Facebook, Google and LinkedIn up to $1,000 per month. Tools include conversion-level reporting and up to two- account connections. These features feed back to the CRM which aids in gaining a complete view of how customers interact within the sales and marketing efforts.

HubSpot has a wide range of free offerings within it’s CRM and Digital Marketing platforms. If you or your company is deciding on what is the best service to subscribe to, give HubSpot a try. It’s comprehensive platform is an alternative subscribing to multiple services, saving you and your business valuable time.