Rule The Room Public Speaking Rebuild


Recently, Spin Group worked on Jason Teteak’s website Rule the Room Public Speaking. We primarily focused on the Course Guide section and its corresponding course pages. The primary goal was to move all course pages onto one platform.

Before we began creating pages, we started this project offline, reviewing pages that were to be converted looking for patterns in the layout. This was done by printing a sampling of pages we would be re-working and breaking down each page. What features were the same? What features were different from one another? Were there any pages that had a dramatically different layout? Once we established that there were a few sections that repeated on pages, we created templates using visual page builder.

Working with so many pages, Spin Group utilized the Global Module feature within the Divi Builder. The Global Module Builder creates a universal template that is mirrored across pages where it is used. When the global element is updated or changes are made, the update is applied to all the pages you’ve added the global module to. This saved us time and allowed us to focus on other areas on the website.

Part of this project included a homepage redesign. To help make this happen, Spin Group teamed up with Her& Himsel, a Milwaukee based marketing and design agency. Her& Himsel focused on organizing information to make the website easy to navigate while engaging the user with a clear call to action throughout.

In addition, we updated menu of courses offered. If you are a visitor to the website, you’re likely looking into how to improve your public speaking skills..Spin Group wanted every part of the website we created to emphasize this.

Spin Group is happy with how the new Rule the Room Public Speaking pages turned out and know Rule the Room visitors will now be able to look at each page seamlessly.

Interested in viewing the final Rule the Room Public Speaking website? Check it out!