Website Refresh Wisconsin Maritime Museum

This spring Spin Group had the pleasure of working with Wisconsin Maritime Museum, giving their website a fresh look that reflects the museum’s rich history, programs and exhibits.

We began this project knowing the website would be a large undertaking. The museum wanted to transfer all the information from their old website to a new layout, add new imagery, and integrate multiple platforms like Shopify, to sell tickets for events. Spin Group guided this process by reviewing the old website and discussing the needs of the new website.

For this project, we worked alongside the Wisconsin Maritime Museum staff. Working with the museum and their individual departments allowed us to gain an understanding for the site map and navigation of the website. One goal for the final website was create a website that was logical and comprehensive while being engaging to the user.

This website was created using WordPress and Divi Site Builder. The Divi Builder allowed us to immediately see the pages we were creating and easily change layouts where necessary. This helped Spin Group’s non-developer team members take part in creating the website while giving Museum staff the opportunity to easily edit the website once launched.

When visitors look through the website they see a wide range of images from the Museum’s vintage collection. The Wisconsin Maritime Museum wanted to integrate their fantastic vintage photograph collection into the website. To achieve this, we worked with the Collections Director to pick out captivating images that feature the history the museum has to offer.

Wisconsin Maritime Museum is a Wisconsin treasure. Founded in 1969, the museum has grown into one of the largest museums focusing on maritime education in the region. They are a leader in preservation of Wisconsin’s maritime history and the submarines built in the region during World War II. The museum invites visitors to connect with Wisconsin’s waterways through educational programs, interactive exhibits, and an extensive collection of artifacts, journals, and publications.

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