Spin Group at HubSpot Developer Day 2018

We sent Jon McLaren this year to Inbound (HubSpot’s world renowned marketing conference) to present about how we build HubSpot sites differently.

Fortunately HubSpot graciously recorded the presentation and we have some photos of our booth.

Site Agnostic Modules & Fewer Templates

A sub presentation of From Simple to Mind-Blowing: A Technical Walkthrough of How Our V2 Custom Modules Are Changing the HubSpot CMS

If the slides are hard to see in the video we have them in PDF form.

Jon also ran a booth during Partner Day, talking to the many agency owners and and developers out there, about our approach to building HubSpot sites, and why Spin Group is a great partner for marketing Agencies.

Jon discussing how Spin Group partners with Agencies long term to build great websites together and take the development stress out the equation for delivering to their clients.

First Annual HubSpot Developer meetup

While Jon worked hard out there he also helped organize the first HS Developer Meetup at Cheeky Monkey, in Boston.

HubSpot dev secrets, tricks, and tips, were swapped, beers drank, and shuffleboard played.

We look forward to continuing to be a positive force in this community.

For more HubSpot Developer Day presentations HubSpot has posted them online.